Energy Audits Unlimited

What Are Your Fees?

Contract fees are based on the DC size of your array(s) not on the number of RECs they will produce. Pooling the sites gives your broker visibility and leverage.

What Are Your Annual Fees?

Size RangeAnnual Price
Lt 5 kW$7 / per year
5k – 9.99k$12 / per year
10k – 29.9k$25 / per year
30k – 49.9k$38 / per year
50k – 69.9k$55 / per year
70k – 99.9k$70 / per year
100k – 149.9k$85 / per year
150k – 199.9k$100 / per year
200k – 299.9k$200 / per year
500 k+$500+ / per year

The smallest system that makes sense is a 5 kW array.  Small systems produce small amounts very slowly…

My ANNUAL Fee is a FLAT fee. I invoice you upon receipt of the contract (PSA) from you and on the ANNUAL Birthday of our contract.