Energy Audits Unlimited


Energy Audits Unlimited LLC (EAU) has been in business since 2008. It is in good standing with the Secretary of State in New Hampshire. 

EAU started as an Independent Energy Auditing firm and participated in national studies sponsored by the Department of Energy. We also partnered with Efficiency Maine in a state-wide Home Efficiency effort, setting a record for the most residential units brought to project completion. EAU was the sole provider of energy audits for the City of Worcester, MA and completed a similar project on the municipal buildings in the Town of Hancock, NH. The list of accomplishments is long and exhaustive. Details will be provided on request, of course…

In 2012, EAU became a NH State-certified Independent Verifier / Monitor for RECs or Renewable Energy Credits. The States we serve are in RGGI, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and they have an RPS, or Renewable Portfolio Standard.

A REC is (1) MegaWatt-hour (MWhr) of power produced by a Renewable Resource. YOU SELL your RECs. And we will help…
IF YOU CLAIM and SELL your RECs, utilities are required to buy them, by state laws (NH RSA:362), and PROVE that a portion of the power they provide us comes from renewable, sustainable sources. If they cannot prove it, they are penalized, and have to pay an Alternative Compliance Payment, or ACP. 

EAU provides the means for owners of Solar (and wind, and hydro) facilities to report their energy production to a national database. In the New England region, it is known as NEPOOL / GIS is the New England Power Pool / Generation Information System.

EAU accepts renewable energy production numbers from clients and uploads them to NEPOOL / GIS, where they are converted into RECs. These RECs are then sold by REC Aggregators (Brokers) and the proceeds from those sales are distributed to the respective owners. 

You should use a REC Broker to sell your RECs.


*** EAU is NOT a BROKER ***


We do NOT sell RECs.

We do not write checks.

We do not work for any Broker

EAU is Independent and so are you…and we’ll sing in the sunshine…

This is about HAREI, which EAU co-founded: