Energy Audits Unlimited

How Do I Get Paid?

Since individual solar owners do not produce enough RECs to sell directly to buyers, an intermediary must exist. A REC BROKER is the link that connects buyers and sellers. The broker is paid a commission on the sale of the RECs. Aggregate pools of smaller producers create visibility for them at the auction where the utilities have to buy RECs. The Independent REC Monitor (IM) uploads the RECs to the national database (GIS). IMs DO NOT sell the RECs and do NOT work for the broker. IMs have sole authority to upload RECs.

  • The array is installed
  • The Owner finds a Broker and signs up with that firm
  • The Owner requires (per State Law) an Independent Monitor (IM)
    • UNLESS the array is SELF-REPORTING (software installed w/ the array)
  • The Owner reports KWHR production from the array
  • Or the array reports itself and my services are NOT required
  • The IM verifies and uploads the production to the GIS national database
  • These become RECs
  • The Broker sells the RECs and sends the proceeds to the Owner
  • IMs DO NOT SELL RECs, Brokers Sell RECs